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fake friends

Well, well, well, look who's back from the dead! That's right, it's me, your favorite cancer survivor. I know, I know, you missed me so much. But don't worry, I'm back and better than ever. And by better, I mean I'm still alive, so that's a plus my one year is coming up cant fucking believe it. Let's talk about cancer, shall we? It's like the ultimate party crasher. You're just living your life, minding your own business, and then BAM! Cancer shows up uninvited and ruins everything. It's like that one friend who always shows up to the party unannounced and drinks all your beer. Except cancer doesn't just drink your beer, it tries to kill you. But here's the thing, cancer also showed me who my real friends are. And by real friends, I mean zero. That's right, I said it. I have zero friends. And you know what? It's kind of liberating. I don't have to deal with any of that fake friend bullshit anymore. No more pretending to ca

before cancer.....

Before my breast cancer diagnosis, I was incredibly shallow. I was obsessed with my appearance and always striving to live up to the model image I had created for myself. I even dreamed of posing for Playboy one day. But after a double mastectomy, I am now so self-conscious that I can hardly recognize myself. It took me almost a month to look down at my chest after the surgery. I cried and cried for hours in the bathroom, wondering how this could be happening to me. I had always been so confident in my body, and now I felt like a stranger in my own skin. As a mother, I struggled with how to teach my daughter to be confident when I was struggling so much myself. How could I tell her to love herself when I didn't even recognize myself anymore? I was grateful for my surgeon's skilled hands and for getting the cancer out, but I hated the results. When people say that a mastectomy is not a boob job, they are right. The scars and the fact that I will never have sensation again at 34

Camp Breastie 2023


No One Talks About Life After Chemotherapy

After months of treatment, you finally finished chemotherapy, but now you're left wondering what comes next. The uncertainty and emotional toll can be overwhelming. Let us guide you through the transition and help you move forward.It's common to feel sadness and anxiety after treatment. It's okay to acknowledge and process these emotions.Journaling and therapy can be helpful in processing emotions and coping with life after cancer.Life after treatment poses new questions and uncertainties that need to be addressed. In this article, we will explore useful coping strategies, resources, and tips to help you thrive in your new normal.  


After a year of grueling chemotherapy, I'm finally starting the long road to recovery. It hasn't been easy - cancer changed everything, from my body to my relationships.I was diagnosed with cancer last year. It was a shock to me

My Experience with Breast Expanders

As a woman who desired smaller breasts, I chose to undergo a mastectomy with breast expanders. Despite the pain, discomfort, and setbacks, I was excited about my decision. However, my journey took a turn when I found out that I wasn't a candidate for a deep flap reconstruction. Not a Candidate for a Deep Flap

Why Having Friends in Different Age Groups Is Beneficial

Having friends across different age groups can be an enriching experience. It enables you to not only learn new things but gain unique perspectives that you might not have otherwise considered. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of having friends in different age groups and how it can improve your life. Learning from Different Generations "In my experience, friends who are younger and older than me often have very different perspectives on life. As someone who enjoys learning, I find that having friends with different experiences and knowledge bases allows me to expand my horizons and make better decisions." - Siymonee, 35 Having friends across different generations gives you the opportunity to learn about different periods of time. Whether it’s learning about world events that happened before you were born or discovering new perspectives from friends who have gone through different stages of their lives, the knowledge you gain is invaluable. Renewed Energy from Youn

The Aftermath of Cancer Treatment: Navigating the Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can cause a number of side effects in the body. Some are expected, like hair loss, but others are hidden and unexpected. Learn how to recognize and cope with the lesser-known effects of chemotherapy with our guide. The Effects of Chemo on Nails Did you know that chemo can affect your nails? It can cause them to lift, crack, or even fall off. If you're undergoing treatment, it's important to understand how to care for your nails to prevent these issues. Signs to look out for Brittleness

The Life-Changing Impact of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment that often leaves a lasting impact on the patient's life. Many people don't realize that the challenges don't end when you ring that bell. As an expert, I want to share my knowledge and help others through this journey. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to target and destroy cancer cells in the body. While it can be effective, it does come with some challenging side effects, which can last even after treatment has ended.       Common Chemotherapy Drugs Fluorouracil (5-FU) Cisplatin Gemcitabine Methotrexate Tamoxifen Chemotherapy Administration Methods Injection Oral Medication Inhalation or nasal spray Intravenous (IV) infusion

Rest to Succeed: Challenging the Grind Culture

Burnout is all too common in our fast-paced, always-on society. As Black people, we are often expected to hustle harder and grind more than others - but at what cost? The Importance of Rest Rest is critical for our overall well-being, both mentally and physically. When we rest, we refuel our bodies and minds, allowing us to be more productive and creative when we return to work.

Reconstruction after Mastectomy : The benefit of tissue expanders

If you've had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and are considering reconstruction, tissue expanders are a common option. They allow for gradual expansion of the chest tissue, enabling a natural-looking reconstruction. Take the first step in your reconstruction journey and find out more about this transformative approach. The Advantages of Tissue Expanders for Reconstruction Gradual Expansion Tissue expanders allow for gradual expansion of the chest tissue, creating a natural-looking reconstruction. Less Invasive The tissue expansion process is less invasive than other surgical options and requires less downtime. Flexible Timing With tissue expanders, you can delay the final reconstruction surgery until after radiation and chemotherapy treatments are complete. The Steps Involved in Tissue Expansion Reconstruction The process of reconstruction using tissue expanders will be broken down to the following key steps: Step 1: Tissue Expander Placement The expanders are placed in a small

The Importance of Sisterhood Among Black Women

Black women face a unique set of challenges and often feel isolated. Sisterhood provides a sense of belonging, support and empowerment. Together, we lift each other up, celebrate our accomplishments and share in each other's struggles. This bond is vital for our well-being and growth.

How to Support Someone During Their Cancer Journey

It can be a challenging time for everyone involved, but with the right care and support, you can help your loved one get through this difficult time. Here are some tips to help you provide the support they need. Understanding Cancer What is cancer? Cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells in the body grow and divide uncontrollably. There are many different types of cancer that can affect different parts of the body.

When Cancer Makes You Lose Friends

Dealing with cancer can be one of the toughest challenges life throws at you. But it can be even harder when you're losing friends over it. Some people just don't get it and say some really weird things. It's important to remember that you deserve supportive friends during this difficult time. They Just Don't Get It Insensitive Friends Some friends just can't understand what you're going through and say things like "Well, at least you get a free boob." Remember, their ignorance is not your fault.

Living in Remission

Surviving cancer and entering remission is a significant milestone, but it comes with its own set of challenges. People seldom talk about them, but it's essential to acknowledge and manage them for a fulfilling life post-cancer. Cancer is Always Present Impacts on Daily Life Even with remission, cancer has long-lasting effects. Survivors face new physical limitations that can make everyday tasks a struggle. Mental Health Struggles Fighting cancer takes a toll on mental health, and even in remission, the fear and anxiety can be overwhelming.

Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer as a Young Woman

At 33, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, an aggressive and rare form of the disease. My journey was filled with 20 rounds of chemotherapy, two surgeries, and the amputation of both breasts. Through this traumatic experience, I’ve learned important lessons about perseverance and advocating for yourself. Diagnosis My diagnosis was a complete shock. I was young, healthy, and had no family history of breast cancer. It wasn’t until I found a lump during a routine self-exam that I knew something was wrong. Remember to always check your body, even if you think you're too young or healthy to have to worry about something like breast cancer. “I was young, healthy, and had no family history of breast cancer.” Treatment Chemotherapy Chemotherapy was brutal. The side effects were overwhelming, from nausea and hair loss to fatigue and mouth sores. But I held on to the hope that the treatment was working, and pushed through each round. Surgeries I had two surger

From Cancer Patient to Advocate: My Journey with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

At 33, I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 Triple Negative Breast cancer. I underwent 20 rounds of chemotherapy, two surgeries, and had both my breasts amputated. It was a traumatic journey, but through it, I learned to advocate for myself and others facing cancer. Diagnosis and Treatment Shock and Sadness Getting diagnosed with cancer is something you can never prepare yourself for. It's a moment that changes your life forever. Chemo and Surgery My treatments were aggressive and took a toll on me both physically and emotionally. But, I knew I had to fight cancer with everything I had.

Cancer Survivorship: Navigating the Journey

Dealing with cancer can be daunting, especially as a young adult. Going through a double mastectomy can be physically and emotionally difficult. Building a strong support system, advocating for yourself, and communicating with your healthcare team can make all the difference. Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis Receiving a cancer diagnosis can feel like the world is crumbling around you. It's okay to feel overwhelmed, but it's important to focus on what you can control. Build a support system of loved ones, seek professional counseling, and take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Remember, you are not alone on this journey.

BRCA1 Genetic Testing: Know Your Risk and Take Action

If you have a family history of breast cancer, genetic testing for BRCA1 can help detect your risk levels. Early detection can save lives.  Contact us today to learn more. What is BRCA1 Genetic Testing? BRCA1 is a gene that codes for a protein that suppresses tumors. A mutation in BRCA1 can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Genetic testing can determine if you have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene and if you have a higher risk of developing cancer. The Importance of Early Detection Knowledge is power when it comes to breast cancer. Early detection can save lives. Genetic testing for BRCA1 can help you and your doctor create a plan for early detection and prevention.

Fighting Cancer and Social Media

Dealing with cancer is a difficult journey, but having to watch others live their normal lives on social media can make it even harder. Join me on my journey as I share my thoughts and experiences. My Struggle with Cancer Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is one of the toughest parts of fighting cancer. The side effects can be debilitating and it can be hard to keep up with daily life. Radiation Therapy Radiation is another tough part, but the targeted treatment can be life-saving. It can also be time-consuming and tiring. Surgery


As someone who has never been jealous or resentful towards others, it's been challenging to see everyone seemingly living their best life on social media while I fight for mine. In this personal essay, I share my experiences and emotions as I navigate the difficult journey of cancer treatment. My Personal Experience with Cancer Unexpected Diagnosis It all started with a doctor visit that ended with a cancer diagnosis. The news shook my world and changed everything. Support System

Surviving Breast Cancer: My Journey

At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 Triple Negative Breast cancer. I underwent 20 rounds of chemotherapy, two surgeries, and a lot of medication. The amputation of both my breasts was traumatizing. But through this journey, I've learned that advocating for yourself is key. Diagnosis: A Young Age What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?