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The Aftermath of Cancer Treatment: Navigating the Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can cause a number of side effects in the body. Some are expected, like hair loss, but others are hidden and unexpected. Learn how to recognize and cope with the lesser-known effects of chemotherapy with our guide.

The Effects of Chemo on Nails

Did you know that chemo can affect your nails? It can cause them to lift, crack, or even fall off. If you're undergoing treatment, it's important to understand how to care for your nails to prevent these issues.

Signs to look out for

  • Brittleness
  • Discoloration
  • Thinning

Caring for Your Nails

  • Keep them clean and dry
  • Avoid nail polish
  • Use a moisturizer

Seeking Professional Help

If you notice any signs of infection or discomfort, consult your doctor or a dermatologist.

The Effects of Chemo on Hair

Hair loss is a well-known effect of chemotherapy, but did you know that it can also affect the texture and color of your hair? Learn how to care for your scalp and hair during and after chemotherapy.

Identify Changes to Your Hair

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Thickness

Caring for Your Hair

Use gentle products, avoid heat styling, and try scalp cooling during treatment to minimize hair loss.

Investing in a New Look

Hair loss can be an opportunity to try a new hairstyle or color. Embrace the change and make it your own!

The Effects of Chemo on the Brain

Chemo brain is a term used to describe the cognitive changes that can occur during and after chemotherapy. It can affect memory, concentration, and processing speed. Learn how to manage and cope with these changes.

Understanding Chemo Brain

Learn about the causes and symptoms of chemo brain and how to cope with it.

Brain Exercises

Try these exercises to keep your mind sharp and improve your cognitive function.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Learn relaxation techniques and other coping strategies to reduce anxiety and stress.

Untalked About Things Related to Cancer and Chemo

Cancer treatment can be isolating and scary. There are some things that people don't talk about but that are important to know. We're breaking the silence and sharing these details.

Navigating Insurance

Figuring out insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. We'll help you understand your options.

Dealing with Side Effects

Side effects can be debilitating and frustrating. We'll share tips for managing them and improving your quality of life.

Caring for Your Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are common during and after treatment. We'll provide resources and support to help you through it.

Talking to Your Loved Ones

Talking to family and friends about cancer can be difficult. We'll provide guidance on how to have those conversations.

How Long Chemo Takes to Leave Your Body

Chemotherapy can remain in the body after treatment ends, causing continued side effects and other issues. Learn how to support your body's recovery and what to expect as you move on from treatment.

The Half-Life of Chemotherapy

The time it takes for chemotherapy to leave your body can vary depending on the drugs used.

Caring for Your Body After Chemo

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get plenty of rest

Continuing Care

It's important to continue to monitor your health, attend follow-up appointments and screenings, and stay on top of any lingering side effects or concerns.

The Importance of Self-Care During and After Treatment

Taking care of yourself is essential during and after cancer treatment. Learn how to prioritize your physical and mental health with self-care practices.

Mind-Body Connection

Explore the connection between your physical and mental health with yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices.

Eating Well

Fuel your body with nourishing foods to support your recovery.

Relaxation Techniques

Take time to unwind and release tension with massage, acupuncture, or other relaxation techniques.


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