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Not a boob job

The journey through misdiagnosis, disbelief, and ultimately, a life-altering diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer stage 3 was a whirlwind of emotions, frustrations, and unanswered questions. For 15 long months, I was told I was too young, that the rash on my breast was nothing more than eczema. But as the days passed and the symptoms worsened - heavy, red, hot, crusty yuck - it became clear that something more sinister was at play. Too young? Should I have to lift my shirt and show the world that mammograms shouldn't have an age minimum? Should I expose my chest to the editor and writer of that Wall Street Journal article that reduced a double mastectomy to a mere cosmetic procedure, as if I still had nipples to enhance? Sarah Thornton, the author of that article, did a disservice to breast cancer patients, survivors, and previvors alike. A mastectomy is not a choice made lightly, nor is it akin to a breast augmentation. It's a decision borne out of necessity, ou

Disappointed :Panel Recommends Breast Cancer Screening at 40

 My Journey Advocating for Personalized Breast Cancer Screening and Addressing Healthcare Disparities Breast cancer doesn't discriminate based on age, yet the guidelines for screening often do. My own experience with breast cancer diagnosis at 33 has led me to question the age requirements for mammograms and the impact they can have on early detection and treatment outcomes. The recent final recommendation on breast cancer screening by the United States Preventive Task Force (USPSTF) has prompted me to reflect on the importance of advocating for personalized screening based on individual circumstances. At 30, I started experiencing symptoms of breast cancer, but was told I was too young for a mammogram. It wasn't until 15 months later, at 33, that I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. This journey has made me question the rationale behind age requirements for mammograms and how they can affect individuals like me who fall outside the recommended age range.