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Today is March 3rd, a day that holds significance as Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. It's both astonishing and humbling to realize that my own battle with triple negative breast cancer is so fierce that it has garnered its own dedicated day of awareness. However, amidst the recognition, I made a conscious decision not to focus my post on this particular aspect today. March holds a multitude of personal milestones for me - it marks my daughter's birthday and the anniversary of my surgery. While my journey with triple negative breast cancer is an integral part of my story, I find myself wanting to delve into other facets of my life this month. March is a month of profound importance for me this year. It signifies the first anniversary of my surgery and the celebration of Laila's 10th birthday. Directing my attention towards anything beyond these significant events this month would feel like a disservice to the depth of emotions and experiences that I am navigating. While I