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Here's to 6. months in Remission

 Six months ago I got a double mastectomy, 6 months ago Dr. Clarke came to into the office an said "I got it all there's nothing left.'' and he walked out ... Sounds crazy right but, he's like not much of a talker but he's amazing obviously.. When the nurse read me my pathology report she said " girl it doesn't even look like you ever had CANCER.'' I cried bruh like I cried !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 lymph nodes removes all negative for CANCER ! 6 months is crazy is because it feels like yesterday it feels I just got up off the operating table lol not really. but you know mentally lol.  My oncologist doesn't like to say CANCER FREE because you triple negative is a whole BITCH IN A HALF !So after 5 years then I'll be declared CANCER FREE ....  it really aint what she though lol  REMISSION SOUND WAY BETTER THAN CANCER ..... SO I SAY IN REMISSION AT TIMES IT FEELS WEIRD BECAUSE IM STILL GET INFUSIONS FOR KEYTRUDA SO ITS LIKE IM STILL


 Do you remember ?  September is my birthday month .... Also the first year anniversary of starting chemotherapy ,  I can't believe that I. went through all of that !  I can not believe that its been a whole year since I started receiving infusions let alone its been longer than year , that I have had this port implanted inside of me !  Last year I was dealing with so much my life was so heavy I really thought I wouldn't make it, I questioned GOD so  many times , why me ? why me? is really the only question I can remember constantly asking , because why the. fuck me? now one year later Im so blessed to actually be here to be able to talk about my experience, I was damn near dead , damn near on my death bed !!!!!  Chemo is a whole fucking bitch in a half I will never ever lie about that shit ! Last year I went to my first chemo infusion, three days after my fathers memorial it was like my last party celebration to myself no one knew I had chemotherapy the following days , that w

weed saved my life

 what helped me get through chemotherapy WEED !! I SMOKE ALOT OF WEED!  I had a situation that the medication I was prescribed sent me to the. ER multiple times it felt as tho I was. having a stroke I couldn't talk my tongue was. legit stuck !! I was shaking yelling screaming , I just couldn't control myself I was scared I thought  I was going to die I was legit scared af!!!So I stopped talking the meds that was prescribed an just smoked weed it helped I mean obviously, it doesn't help for hours but it was better than nodding off having diarrhea stomach pains , mini strokes smh & having other side effects being rushed to the ER, my doctors was trying to monitor my side effects they was very surprised that I just stopped cold turkey but honey if you been through that shit   you would flush them shits down the toilet too !!! Cannabis is , legal in the state that I live in. so getting isn't an. issue its not because its the cool thing to do but its what I feel like hel