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From Cancer Patient to Advocate: My Journey with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

At 33, I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 Triple Negative Breast cancer. I underwent 20 rounds of chemotherapy, two surgeries, and had both my breasts amputated. It was a traumatic journey, but through it, I learned to advocate for myself and others facing cancer.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Shock and Sadness

Getting diagnosed with cancer is something you can never prepare yourself for. It's a moment that changes your life forever.

Chemo and Surgery

My treatments were aggressive and took a toll on me both physically and emotionally. But, I knew I had to fight cancer with everything I had.

Family and Friends

I am so grateful for the support of my loved ones who were my rock through it all.

Challenges Faced

Body Changes

In addition to losing both my breasts, I experienced hair loss and weight changes that were difficult to cope with.

Emotional Toll

My cancer journey took a huge emotional toll. From fear to depression, it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Financial Burden

Cancer treatments are expensive. It was a daunting financial burden, but I persevered.

Advocating for Myself

Asking Questions

I learned to ask my doctor questions, be my own advocate, and make informed decisions about my healthcare.

Researching Options

Researching treatment options and seeking second opinions empowered me as a patient and helped me make the best decisions for myself.

Joining Support Groups

Connecting with other cancer survivors and joining support groups helped me through the emotional and physical challenges of cancer.

Learning to Live After Cancer


Surviving cancer has given me a deeper appreciation of life and all the little joys it brings.


I learned to live in the present moment, focusing on what's important and not taking things for granted.

Health and Wellness

I prioritize my physical and mental health, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

Cancer Advocacy

As an advocate for cancer awareness and prevention, I'm committed to making a difference in the world.

Empowering Others

Sharing My Story

I share my cancer journey to inspire others facing similar struggles.


I volunteer at cancer events and advocacy groups, giving back to those who helped me in my journey.

Social Media

I use social media platforms to raise awareness about cancer and share helpful resources.

Takeaway Message


My journey with cancer taught me that hope is powerful and can help us overcome even the toughest of challenges.


Through cancer, I discovered a strength I never knew I had. We all have it within us and can tap into it whenever we need it.


The love and support of family, friends, and fellow cancer survivors is necessary in the journey towards healing and recovery.


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