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 friendship: a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. Lets talk seriously, my concept on friendships, loyalty , love and respect. have more to do with my  definition then consistency. I understand life I totally get how life changes an things happen some people have differences some people grow apart. as long you have love an respect for person with  

Black Women & Breast Cancer

As a young black woman, I have seen firsthand how our community has lacked the necessary education and access to comprehensive breast health services. Too often, the age recommended for mammograms and other breast health screenings is 40, when in reality, many black and Latina women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at a much younger age. As a woman who was misdiagnosed for two years and eventually diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 33, I understand the importance of early detection and believe that our young girls should understand the importance of breast health from a young age and have access to the necessary screenings.