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weed saved my life

 what helped me get through chemotherapy WEED !! I SMOKE ALOT OF WEED! 

I had a situation that the medication I was prescribed sent me to the. ER multiple times it felt as tho I was. having a stroke I couldn't talk my tongue was. legit stuck !! I was shaking yelling screaming , I just couldn't control myself I was scared I thought  I was going to die I was legit scared af!!!So I stopped talking the meds that was prescribed an just smoked weed it helped I mean obviously, it doesn't help for hours but it was better than nodding off having diarrhea stomach pains , mini strokes smh & having other side effects being rushed to the ER, my doctors was trying to monitor my side effects they was very surprised that I just stopped cold turkey but honey if you been through that shit   you would flush them shits down the toilet too !!!

Cannabis is , legal in the state that I live in. so getting isn't an. issue its not because its the cool thing to do but its what I feel like helped. me saved me from becoming addicted to the narcotics that was prescribed to me every week ....


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