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Oh, my dear old breast, now a memory in the past,

A double mastectomy, a journey that was vast.

No longer do you grace my chest, no longer do you stand,

But in your absence, a new perspective I command.

I used to be a Barbie, with curves and nipples too,

But now I'm a real Barbie, with a story that's true.

No nipples, no problem, for I've found strength within,

A funny twist, a deep reflection, where my journey begins.

You were once a symbol of femininity and grace,

But now I see beauty in a different kind of space.

No longer defined by external form or shape,

I've learned to embrace my scars, my body's landscape.

Funny it may seem, this newfound realization,

That true beauty lies beyond mere physical sensation.

Deep within my soul, a strength that can't be denied,

A warrior spirit, a resilience that won't hide.

So here's to you, my old breast, a part of me once whole,

Though you're gone, your memory forever I'll hold.

I'm a real Barbie now, with a story to tell,

A journey of courage, of acceptance, where I dwell.

No nipples, no problem, for I am complete,

A symbol of strength, a testament to defeat.

Funny but deep, this journey I've been through,

I'm a real Barbie now, and I'm embracing the new.

written by : Michelle Odette


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