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Resources for Support and Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer

1. Organizations that can help with finances:

a) The Pink Fund ( This organization provides financial support to breast cancer patients, helping them cover basic living expenses such as rent, utilities, and transportation during treatment.

b) CancerCare ( CancerCare offers financial assistance programs that help with costs related to cancer treatment, including transportation, home care, and co-pays for medications.

c) The American Cancer Society ( The American Cancer Society provides various resources, including financial assistance programs, to help cancer patients with their treatment-related expenses.

2. Support groups:

a) Young Survival Coalition ( This organization focuses on supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer. They offer online support groups, educational resources, and advocacy programs.

b) Sisters Network Inc. ( Sisters Network is a national African American breast cancer survivorship organization that provides support, education, and advocacy. They have local chapters that offer support groups and resources.

c) Cancer Support Community ( Cancer Support Community offers online and in-person support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones. They have specific groups for young adults with cancer.

3. Instagram accounts for young adults with cancer:

a) @StupidCancer ( Stupid Cancer is an organization that supports young adults affected by cancer. Their Instagram account provides a platform for sharing stories, resources, and connecting with others going through similar experiences.

b) @YoungSurvivalCoalition ( The Young Survival Coalition's Instagram account shares inspiring stories, educational content, and resources for young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

c) @CancerSupportCommunity ( Cancer Support Community's Instagram account offers a supportive community for cancer patients and their loved ones, providing resources, tips, and stories of hope.


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