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Creating a Supportive Environment

Open Communication

Encourage open communication in your family, providing a safe space for everyone to express their emotions, ask questions, and share concerns related to the cancer journey.

Quality Time

Make an effort to spend quality time together, engaging in activities that promote bonding, and create positive memories amidst challenging times.

Normalize Feelings

Let your child know that all feelings are valid and normal. Emphasize that it's okay to experience a wide range of emotions and provide support without judgment.


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Before my breast cancer diagnosis, I was incredibly shallow. I was obsessed with my appearance and always striving to live up to the model image I had created for myself. I even dreamed of posing for Playboy one day. But after a double mastectomy, I am now so self-conscious that I can hardly recognize myself. It took me almost a month to look down at my chest after the surgery. I cried and cried for hours in the bathroom, wondering how this could be happening to me. I had always been so confident in my body, and now I felt like a stranger in my own skin. As a mother, I struggled with how to teach my daughter to be confident when I was struggling so much myself. How could I tell her to love herself when I didn't even recognize myself anymore? I was grateful for my surgeon's skilled hands and for getting the cancer out, but I hated the results. When people say that a mastectomy is not a boob job, they are right. The scars and the fact that I will never have sensation again at 34

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