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The Impact of Representation and Visibility

For Individuals

Increased representation and visibility boost individual self-esteem and create a sense of belonging.

Creating more diverse representations of black women's hair and culture dismantles western beauty standards, reduces hair shaming and stereotypes, and promotes ethnic pride.

For Future Generations

Increased representation sets the trajectory for future generations, enabling them to embrace their identities and appreciate the natural beauty of black hair for generations to come.

We must develop targeted resources, support, and community for black women and women of color undergoing chemotherapy.We must encourage black women to share their experiences of hair loss, banding together to challenge patterns of cultural exclusivity and homogenization in representation and media.We must destigmatize black women's hair and promote natural hair representation and education, uplifting and celebrating the natural beauty of black hair. 

Our hair is an essential element of our identity as black women. The challenges faced by black women undergoing chemotherapy are unique, and representation is lacking. By increasing representation, sharing our stories, and prioritizing targeted support, we can create a more inclusive, celebrative society free from hair discrimination.


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