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Creating a Family After Cancer: Your Options

Discover the journey of creating a family after cancer and explore the multiple options available for cancer survivors.

How Cancer Treatment Affects Fertility

What is Infertility?

Learn about how cancer treatments can impact fertility and result in an inability to conceive.

Conceiving after Treatment

Discuss post-cancer options with your doctor to find the best way to conceive without risking your health.

Options for Fertility Preservation

Ensure that you can still have biological children after cancer treatment by discussing fertility preservation options beforehand.

The Psychological Side of Infertility

The Grief of Infertility

Infertility is a loss and often evokes complex feelings of anger, grief, and guilt.

Dealing with Societal Pressure

There's societal pressure to have children, but infertility patients face unique challenges that require additional support.

Exploring Support Resources

Connect with others who understand the emotional toll of infertility — support groups, therapy, and positive psychology can all help.

Alternatives to Biological Children


Find out how adoption may be a viable option for those unable to conceive due to infertility.


Surrogacy is another popular option for those who can't conceive naturally, and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Donor Programs

Learn more about sperm and egg donation, which is another alternative to consider in building your family.

Preserving Your Emotional Wellbeing

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Put your health first and practice positive thinking. It's important to remember that you are strong enough to navigate this journey.

Taking Care of Yourself

Focus on self-care to alleviate stress and prioritize your mental health. Remember that your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.

Connect with Your Partner

Share your experience with your partner and communicate openly to find the best solutions together. Having somebody to lean on during tough times will help you get through the challenges together.

Moving Forward

Embrace Positivity

Don't let infertility define your future and try to see it as a new opportunity to build the family you've always wanted in a way that works for you.

Create a New Family Narrative

There are many ways to create a family — keep in mind that the most important thing is to create a loving environment for yourself and your children.

Consult Your Doctor

Before moving forward, talk to your doctor to explore your options. You have the power to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

Explore Your Options

Understand all your options when it comes to family-building post-cancer treatment.

Connect With A Community

Connect with a community who understands the emotional toll of infertility and infertility after cancer.

You Are Not Alone

Remember that you are not alone in this process and there is support and resources that can help.

Written  by Toni L. Gomes


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