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Camp Breastie 2023

 This weekend changed my life forever I met people I would have never connected with , if I didn't have cancer. My intentions for going to Camp Breastie was to meet my people to meet some forever friends , especially since the friends I have had during this journey has been pretty shitty. Meeting women who has experience everything an more of what ive experience it was like a breath of fresh air like I could finally breathe ! I felt seen I felt heard it an experience you cant explain, a feeling I never felt

so empowered.  

I was , so nervous so scared 3 months out of chemo 2 months out of surgery I thought it was too soon to get myself out well to actually put myself out there but , I said fuck it if not now then when? When will I ever feel this low in my life again & be able to have an opportunity to talk to people who've walked the same path who felt the same feelings . This weekend proved that I am not alone I am not the only woman with expanders, im not the only woman who has cancer an puts on a smile everyday . Im not the only woman who tells people their okay when their not. Its hard telling your story to people who just don't get it people will never get an I honestly hope they never will . This weekend has changed my life , this weekend helped me so much , this weekend gave me the confidence I said I was yearning ! the confidence I needed the confidence I once had its different type not a oh your so. sexy look at that body type of confidence its a wow I am so proud of you , you did that with a smile on your face you did that with grace , cancer took so. much from but I gained a. community of sisters I will carry with me for ever. a community I will forever be apart of a community I. hate that im a member of but hey shit happens to our strongest an most beautiful warriors .

I cant believe the stories I have heard the wonder women I have met ! This weekend is something most people cant explain nor understand it literally changed my view on so many things an opened my eyes up for what's to come. Ive said that cancer really fucked me up but I cant put this behind me this journey is a lifetime road I'm so grateful for the women I have met the women who I will for ever keep contact with I said I wanted to meet my people an I fuckin did I met my people ! I mean we all had cancer lol which is pretty shitty but shiiiiittt I met my people!

From the time I walked on the camp grounds I felt like I belonged I haven't felt that way since last year ! I haven't felt seen nor heard this entire year an to think I wasn't going to go I am so happy and forever grateful for the women behind The Breasties I can not thank them enough this is exactly what I needed 3 months after my last chemo infusion, 2 months after surgery I never thought that this weekend would mean so much to me . I cried I laughed I shared things I never thought I would to people I had just met an they just got it they understood an they fucking saw me! I couldn't ask for better women in my cabin I'll hold them close to my forever !!!!!


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Camp Breastie 2023