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Young and Black with Cancer: Trusting Your Gut

As a young Black woman diagnosed with cancer, I experienced firsthand the challenges of getting the right treatment and support. I want to share my story and encourage other young women to trust their instincts and advocate for their health.A personal account of the unexpected journey that cancer has taken me on. From the physical and emotional toll to the importance of a support system, this is my story of fighting cancer and finding hope in the midst of adversity or whatever , you know I'm just here to give you 
my thoughts , my as honest as possible. I'll continue to share my story I'll continue to tell share my story in many different ways many different formats , so please be prepared to be sick of that Black Puerto Rican breast cancer chick I'm finna fuck ya'll up !

At 33, I received the unwelcome news that I had cancer. This diagnosis affected every aspect of my life, from my physical health to my emotional well-being. My journey through cancer treatment has been both challenging and transformative, teaching me valuable lessons about myself and my view of the world.

"Chemotherapy is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world, other times you're at the bottom of a deep, dark hole."

From the nausea and vomiting to the hair loss and fatigue, the physical effects of cancer treatment can be overwhelming. Surviving cancer requires immense strength and perseverance, and overcoming these side effects is a critical part of the journey.

The Importance of Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is critical when dealing with cancer. Talking to a counselor or joining a support group can provide invaluable emotional support and help you to process the complex emotions that come with cancer.

Hope in the Midst of Adversity

Fighting cancer requires a level of resilience that few other experiences can match. While it can be difficult to see at times, cancer can also provide an opportunity for growth and self-reflection in the face of adversity.

Self-care and Cancer

It's important to prioritize self-care when dealing with cancer. This might involve finding ways to relax and unwind, such as taking walks or reading a book, or seeking out new hobbies and interests to keep your mind engaged and active.

Before Cancer

Ignored small health issues

Worked long hours without breaks

Too busy to spend time with loved ones

Assumed I had all the time in the world

After Cancer

Listen to my body and prioritize my health

Valued work-life balance and took time for self-care

Prioritized time with family and friends and built strong support system

Live in the present and appreciate every moment

A Support System: The Importance of Loved Ones

Dealing with cancer takes a village. The love and support of family, friends, and even strangers can make all the difference in this fight. From driving me to and from appointments to cooking meals and being a shoulder to cry on, my support system has been my rock throughout this journey.

The role of family

My family has been an unwavering source of love and support during my cancer battle. Their encouragement and care has made this journey more bearable.

The importance of friends

My close friends have provided vital emotional support throughout my journey. Whether it's accompanying me to appointments or simply dropping by for a chat, their presence in my life has been an incredible gift.

The kindness of strangers

From the doctors and nurses who treated me to the volunteers who delivered meals to my home, the kindness of strangers has made my cancer journey easier to bear.

Cancer has taught me many things - about myself, about the world, and about the importance of hope. Moving forward, I am committed to living my life with a newfound appreciation for each day and an unwavering sense of determination. While cancer is never easy, I am grateful for the lessons it has taught me and the person it has helped me to become.


  1. thank you for sharing your story an others.


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