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Moms that have Cancer

Being a mother with cancer is an incredibly difficult and emotional experience. I want to share my story of how cancer has affected my life as both a mother and a daughter, the challenges I faced, and the hope I have for the future despite the struggles. The scary part about this cancer shit is you feel like you won't be able to see your kids get old so you want to do everything with them but physically you can not. It has  been a struggle to let go an let others , take charge an help me with my daughter it has been hard for me to fall back, with her after school activities . My hardest part of this isn't her seeing me sick its her not seeing me show up the way I usually show up. This age is so important an it just feels like shes not going to remember me , shes not going to remember nothing we did shes not going to remember my voice I think about this often I think about this shit too much it hurts my heart to think that I may play a part of her child hood trauma by me dying from cancer.

The Difficulties

Being a mother with cancer is an uphill battle, affecting every aspect of my life. The physical and emotional exhaustion, treatment schedules, and financial strain all make it challenging to be the mother I want to be.

The Joys

However, despite the difficulties, being a mother has given me new strength and purpose. Seeing the love and support of my family and friends has made a significant difference in pushing myself to fight and stay strong.

The Impact of Cancer on My Mood and Energy Levels

I remember the days when I had the energy to run around with my daughter, take walks, and do all kinds of things. Now, with cancer, those days are far and few in between. My mood is often low, and my energy level continuously depleted. But I have learned that it is essential to find time to recharge and prioritize self-care, both physically and emotionally.

My Mother's Experience with Cancer


My Mother's Experience

Physical Side Effects

Like me, my mother struggled with the physical side effects of cancer treatment. Nausea, exhaustion, and weight loss were common symptoms. She found relief through medication, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Emotional Toll

My mother's cancer diagnosis took a significant emotional toll on her. As a caregiver, she often felt helpless and scared, unable to take away my pain. Finding support groups and therapy helped her manage her feelings and stay strong for me.

Emotional Impact on Our Relationship

The Challenge

The emotional impact of cancer on our relationship was tough. My cancer diagnosis was hard for my mother to accept, and we struggled to communicate our feelings with each other.

The Solution

We worked together to find ways to strengthen our relationship, like attending counseling sessions and taking walks together. With time, we have learned to be more open and honest with each other about our fears and feelings.

The Struggle of Not Burdening Others with my Illness

As a mother, my instinct has always been to care for others. It's hard for me to admit when I need help or support, but I have come to realize that cancer is not something that can be fought alone. Accepting help from family and friends has made a significant difference in my journey towards recovery.

Hope for the Future Despite the Difficulties of Cancer

While cancer has been a challenging journey, it has also taught me the importance of cherishing every moment and creating meaningful memories with those I love. Despite the difficulties, I have hope for the future, and I intend to fight cancer with everything I have.

Challenges of Being a Mother with Cancer

Financial Strain

The cost of cancer treatment can be overwhelming and put a significant financial strain on a family. Finding ways to manage finances and seeking financial aid can ease the burden.

Mental Health

Being a mother with cancer takes an enormous toll on mental health. Finding ways to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety and fear, such as therapy or joining a support group, is crucial in maintaining overall well-being.

Balancing Parenting with Treatment

Cancer treatment can sometimes consume all of a mother's time and energy, making it challenging to balance parenting along with the treatment. Making a family schedule, including a reliable support system can help ease the challenge of managing both treatment and parenting.

As a mother battling breast cancer, Mother's Day brings mixed emotions. I'm grateful to be here and still fighting, but my diagnosis is a reminder of the fragility of life. It's important to cherish each moment with loved ones and remember those who have lost their battle with cancer.


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