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Juggling Motherhood, Marriage, and Cancer

Living with stage 3 breast cancer has been a challenge, but with the help of yoga and painting, I've found ways to cope. By journaling and reflecting, I've been able to find strength to continue to care for my family and home.

Finding Peace Through Yoga and Painting


Practicing yoga has not only helped me physically, but it has also provided mental clarity and peace.


Painting has allowed me to express my emotions in a creative way and has been a great source of healing.


Meditation has helped me focus and stay present, even during the toughest moments.

Gratitude for Reading, Reflecting, and Journaling


Reading has brought me joy and has helped me escape from reality, even if it's just for a little while.


Reflecting on my life and sharing my story has given me a sense of purpose and helped me process difficult emotions.


Journaling has been a therapeutic outlet for me to express my thoughts and feelings, and to keep track of my journey.

Superpowers of a Mother and Wife

Caring for Family

Even while dealing with cancer, I've found the strength to continue to care for my family and maintain the daily chores.

Making Memories

I've become more intentional about spending quality time with my loved ones and creating memories to cherish forever.

Spreading Love

My experience has taught me to appreciate and cherish the little moments in life even more, and to spread love and kindness wherever I go.

Overcoming Fear and Finding Inner Strength

Overcoming Fear

It's natural to feel scared when dealing with cancer, but facing our fears head-on allows us to take control of our lives and find the courage to keep going.

Finding Inner Strength

We may not have superhero powers, but as women, we have an innate strength that allows us to persevere even during the toughest times.

Staying Strong

Staying physically strong through exercise has also helped me feel mentally strong and positive about the future.

Embracing Life After Cancer


Every day is a gift, and I'm grateful for every moment. I don't take a single day for granted.


Even in the darkest moments, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. I believe in the power of positivity.


I've been touched by the kindness and compassion of others, and I hope to pay it forward by supporting and encouraging others who may be going through a similar journey.

A Journey of Self-Discovery


I've learned to prioritize self-care to nourish my mind, body, and soul. Making time for myself has made me a better caregiver and spouse.


Living in the present moment has helped me appreciate the beauty of life around me and renewed my sense of purpose.


My experience has deepened my empathy and compassion for others. By showing kindness and understanding, we can make the world a better place.

Continuing the Journey: Hope for the Future

New Accomplishments

Lessons Learned

I plan to start a support group for women dealing with cancer.

Every day is precious, and we should make the most of every moment.

I want to go back to school and become a yoga instructor.

It's important to prioritize self-care and make time for the things we love.

I hope to celebrate many more birthdays and milestones with my family.

Life is a roller coaster, but even during the tough moments, we can find strength to carry on and hope for a brighter future.


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