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Support with cancer

Just like that …. This journey seems like it’s almost behind me, when I went to get my ultra sound I was so happy with my results I cried my tumor is barley noticed , the radiologist kicked me out an “girl!!!! Get out get out wtf is the tumor now” she was so happy for me !! I love women , I love women who just love an support other women & I never met those women until I joined this community. I haven’t met a woman who wasn’t supportive . I have an older cousin who I had just met at my grandmas funeral back in July . Two weeks before my diagnosis !!! We talked for a while , I’ve always heard of her growing up but never met her . My family is huge , my grandma being one of 16 an my dad being one 14 so yea lots of aunts an cousins I never met some I’m still meeting an a lot I’ve only met on Facebook . 

This lady , found out about my diagnosis an has been such a great relief 🥹. She had breast cancer 2003 I was in 8th grade ! She’s texted me , every other day she’s sent me gift packages . What she has done for me during this journey I’m forever grateful !! I’m so happy for her friendship she’s my older older older cousin & I never had a friend like her I’ve never had support like I have had now during this time !  & I thank god for that I thank god for good people for good women for the support system I have . 

Thanking people for just being good people is kind of offensive to them I’ve notice lol so I try to limit myself on saying thanks on saying thank you so much I know Doug & my cousins get mad when I say it too much. Sometimes I can’t help it because most days I’m thankful I’m so thankful as much as it may seem like I’m complaining I’m thankful .

Sidebar: I thought my pain in my toe was because I hit it an I ain’t notice but turns out my toe nails were coming off the nail polish I had on my toes , was too heavy & this two rounds did a number on my finger nails I didn’t think my toes would be effected but yup !!! Affected it is😂 they are ugly I hate it . 


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