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 friendship:a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations.

Lets talk seriously,

my concept on friendships, loyalty , love and respect. have more to do with my definition then consistency. I understand life I totally get how life changes an things happen some people have differences some people grow apart. as long you have love an respect for person with  

loyalty I don't think a friendship could end some people need communication every day consist reassurance that " yes I am still here yes were still friends."

I have had friends that I am still friends with til this day 😂 I wouldn't consider them friends tho I don't have their phone number , were just social media friends we may have grew up together in the neighborhood those peoplewatch you grow especially if you're from somewhere like New York/ NJ  where people usually stay where their grandparents have houses so were still coming on the block so we were  the kids from the block and now have kids so our kids play together like we did but I really wouldn't consider them people friends lmao like we grew up together were cool talk while our kids playing then leave nothing more nothing less still lol.Some of those friendships make it beyond the hood but most don't. Not for me at least I keep shit at a distant like I don't like mixing crowds so thats really where I fuck up lol I still talk an see everyone from my neighborhood but we don't hang out text, or anything like that. But is that considered a friendship?

These days im realizing that we women I mean, I can speak on myself im not a touchy feely kind of person, Im not the type of person who just express my feelings to people im more of write it in my journal let it do it what it do cuz what can another person for me.its weird I know ,and yes I do go therapy an yes m therapist did suggest I finally post and publish my blog an post because these have written for months lol.

I lost a friend this year . A friend I thought would be in my life for ever someone I taked to everyday . some how I know I have many faults in this situation obviously because any relationship takes the two people  in them. It. started during the pandemic I would say everyone learned or wanted to unlearn something about themselves being locked the fuck up what seem like for ever honestly Issa an Molly's friendship really sits with me they stopped talking , then healed their friendship an now their closer than ever. I think of the friendship I recently let go of like is it  worth mending? just because we have memories like do I keep friendship just because we put in time together, because time is what? I don't know my daughter recently asked me whats up with her an I told her were not friends any more she said yea but I miss her , it upset me a little but , I told her people move on they grow apart we stopped having things to talk about an she said well make up new things lol. I love kids 

Friendship requires trust, mutual respect, and shared values. Explore how black and hispanic women from American ghettos consider their morals and respect when it comes to friendships or any relationship. Learn how to identify healthy and unhealthy friendships and set boundariesHaving a dependable friend is important in building trust and loyalty. It takes time to build trust, but it can be easily destroyed by one small act of disloyalty.

Long-lasting and meaningful friendships are made possible when the involved parties share similar values and belief systems. Having differing values can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

Stereotypes and Friendship

Personality traits like introversion and extroversion are often subject to negative stereotypes. How do these stereotypes affect our ability to make friends? Can they be overcome?

The Myth of the "Party Girl"

Extroverted women may feel pressured to live up to the stereotype of the "party girl" who is always out and about, which can cause them to hide their introverted side.

The "Weird" Introvert

Introverted women may be perceived as weird or standoffish by others due to their quiet nature, causing them to feel misunderstood and isolated.

The Balanced Ambivert

Ambiverts, who fall between introversion and extroversion on the personality spectrum, may be able to make connections with both introverts and extroverts.

The Importance of Finding Balance

It is essential to find a balance between introversion and extroversion in friendships. Learn how to navigate your natural tendencies and social needs to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


  1. I agree I have lost so many friends an gain some great one as well when you fully understand the value of relationships seems like your on the right path


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